I clicked the update color button and the interface returned an error message。The following is the error message: `Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/var/task/chalice/app.py", line 1133, in _get_view_function_response
response = view_function(**function_args)
File "/var/task/app.py", line 1626, in rep_getLayerShapeColors
feed = rep_searchforcolorsshape(layers, processlevel, a, l, enurl, data, fromcol, tocol)
File "/var/task/app.py", line 1868, in rep_searchforcolorsshape
data["layers"][l]["shapes"][s]["c"]["k"] = [foah[0] / 255, foah[1] / 255, foah[2] / 255, foah[3]]
KeyError: 'shapes'