I like the animation I picked, but it's way too fast for what I need. I tried to slow down the playback speed and the options just cycle through 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5 and then back to 1. Why do I have such limited choices, without any option to make it slower or type in a custom amount?
Also, the UI button for the playback selection feature is totally weird and doesn't make sense in the context of how it actually behaves. It has a little x icon on it, as if I can clear the selection or remove it... but nothing happens if you click the x. It just cycles, which is a really bizarre method for choosing something as simple as playback speed. If there's only a few limited options, why would it not just be a normal dropdown field? Or a slider? Radio buttons?
Either that button is glitched out or it's a very confusing design choice.